Company agreement for regular MariaRu Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy reduces stress and promotes relaxation which is essential for coping in work and the well-being of your personnel. TYKY-massage for your staff is a tax-free benefit for your staff if you make a Company Agreement.

Flexible agreements with personalized appointment amounts. We will charge you once a month.

Regular massage therapy is as important in small businesses as in big corporations - your personnel will surely appreciate your concern for its well-being

Your company's individual MariaRu Regular Massage Therapy Agreement can for example include 5 separate appointments with 45 min's each during a specified time period. Named persons from your personnel can book appointments according to the agreement made. In this way the benefit is untaxable for the personnel and accepted as a business cost for the company. 

For further information please phone 0400 708 281 or 040 754 3174 send us an e-mail to mariaru.hieronta (ätt) gmail.com  

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