Gifts from MariaRu Massage are valued, fit every Special Person! 

If your colleague is a keen sportsman or sportswoman you can be sure that a MariaRu Gift voucher to Sports massage will be very appreciated.

For a person who enjoys cosyness a MariaRu gift voucher for a luxurious Aromatical massage will be a splendid and unforgettable present. The scent of the tropical herbs will fulfill the relaxing treatment.

Indian head massage will give a tensed person a surprisingly relaxed feeling and a MariaRu gift voucher will therefore be very appreciated. As the client is sitting on a chair and no oil is used during the Indian head massage therapy it can also be made during a coffee or lunch break. 

MariaRu shoulder warmers:

The gift card can nicely be combined with a MariaRu shoulder warmer. When warmed it will give relief to a tensioned neck or shoulders between massage treatments, especially for pc-users.
MariaRu-cushion will also warm your baby in the baby carriage or your cold feet.

When chilled in a refrigerator MariaRu shoulder warmer will relieve rheumatic pain or injuries caused by training thus quickening the healing.

Available in different patterns, i.a. Marimekko - Ask your therapist for more details about MariaRu shoulder warming cushions!

MariaRu Serial cards for massage can include 5 or 10 treatments. When buying a serial card you are entitled to a 10 euro discount compared with our regular prices.

Get valued gifts to the graduates from MariaRu Massage in Innopoli-2, Tekniikantie 14, Otaniemi:

* MariaRu Gift Cards with one or two massage treatments Choose freely from our price list From 30 € per treatment
* MariaRu Serial Cards with 5 treatments 30...120 min each Choose freely from our price list From 140 € per card   
* MariaRu Shoulder Warmer Price 18 - 25 €
* Our newest product is Humantool Balance Seat for tensed backs - Will last for years and remind the person of a dear friend! Price 149 € 

Also delivered with a Red Cross congratulation card: 5 € added. Delivery by mail: 5 € added

How to get these valued gifts: 

You can get these valued MariaRu gifts by:
- Bying them at our reception in Innopoli 2 Bldg, Otaniemi, Espoo. Please book a time on
phone 040 754 3174
- Making a 15 min's reservation ("Hoitotyyny") in MariaRu Cronoz Internet-booking
- Ordering via e-mail mariaru.hieronta (ätt) gmail.com

MariaRu gifts will be delivered together with a Finnish Red Cross congratulations or seasons cards if preferred (additional 5 €). 

Gift vouchers ordered for delivery by mail will be sent within 3 workdays after the payment has arrived to our bank account.

Massage treatment bookings: 
*Netbooking - please click!
*Phone 040 754 3174; 0400 708 281 (+358 40 754 3174; +358 400 708 281) 
(Weekdays 9 am - 6 pm)

Welcome for relaxing moments to MariaRu-Massage in Innopoli 2 Bldg, Tekniikantie Otaniemi, Espoo!

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